About Bahrain

Reaching to the economy to a value of 2 Trillion dollar by the fall of the year 2020 according to the statistics of EIU , our place in the heart of the Arabian gulf makes to reach to the entire markets of the area as fast and effective whether by land or by air or by sea in less than 20 minutes by car through King Fahad bridge with a length of 25 KM and reachable to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the largest oil producer in the world and the largest economy in gulf region , and to Riyad – the largest commercial center reachable within four hours by car and Gulf Air being the national carrier of Bahrain who have the largest regional network in the gulf from Bahrain international airport having world standard there are daily flights to the main cities of the GCC member countries – Kuwait, Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat in less than one hour approximately and Qatar , the period of the flight is 25 minutes only.

Soon after the inauguration of the Salman Bin Khalifa port in April 2009 Bahrain has become a main regional center for shipping and along the operation of the port which is considered among the largest shipping ports in the world .

Competitive cost .

The cost of conducting commercial business in Bahrain is very low comparatively , about 40% less than Duabi and Qatar also the fall in the basic cost , like office rents ,industrial lands than the other places in the gulf area and with a mix of of financial assistances, and privatization in the public utilities sector like electricity cost, water and gas cost, with a high competent capacity , along with the low cost of living as well as highly competitive wages.

Local man power

Our man power is a bilingual man power , highly skilled and students with competitive cost with other countries in GCC member countries are and this means you may be able to reduce the expenses on a group of expatriates and create a durable local workforce of the long standing .

Legal framework

We are committed to maintain the most liberal business environment in the area with the non existence on the income tax on the companies and no personal income tax , no profit tax on the wealth or capital , no tax on discount and the direct taxes are less like 10% municipal tax along with the existence of capital or profits or profits on shares .

On The Way

Bahrain has an enormous record of international and modern commercial and economic business with a historical reference extended to a number of decades back and it used to be a pioneer regionally and used to be and still remain as a basic mover the first in the gulf region .